Venice West mural : somewhere between Ginsberg and Kerouac

"Venice was the epicenter of beat culture in the 50s. In the mural, Venice West (by Francisco Letelier and Mary Fama), two legends, Stuart Perkoff and Philomene Long, of the Venice West Renaissance are depicted. They were husband and wife, and Perkoff was the quintessential "Beat" poet in Venice. He was renowned for his book, Voices of the Lady, but he was loved for his public readings."

Joseph Lapin    La Weekly Blog   10 Essential Beat Generation Landmarks in Los Angeles

The mural is at 518 Rose Ave, on the strip that is bringing hipster culture to that side of Venice. The mural contains other facets of unknown Venice. The mural grew directly from the Becoming the Circle mural painted in 2002 on the Pioneer Bakery, a place that for stood on the site for a century. The developers sought me out when they learned that a mural had existed at the site previously.