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Pizarrones Del Pueblo at MSSA Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art

Pizarrones Del PuebloA conversation about muralism and activism in the United States and Latin America

In the context of the Past Disquiet Exhibition that chronicles art initiatives committed to social causes in the 70's and 80's, Francisco Letelier will join with Carlos Lizama and Javiera Manzi in a conversation concerning the motivations, trajectories and cultural networks of  the Brigada Orlando Letelier over the course of thirty years.
Founded in 1977, following the commemoration of the first anniversary of the assassination of the Chilean leader, the Brigada (Brigade) completed collaborative projects denouncing human rights violations in twelve North American Cities and during the Sandinista literacy campaign in Managua, Nicaragua. Subsequently, Francisco Letelier has directed collaborative public art projects concerning human rights, social justic…

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