Pueblo Chucho/ Dogtown Mural

Created with Mary Fama, the Pueblo Chucho mural is located in the heart of the Oakwood neighborhood of Venice on 6th Avenue between Indiana Ave and Brooks Ave. The mural is inspired by the history of the neighborhood and our personal experiences on this stretch of sidewalk.
This is the third mural that I have painted with Mary. Although this mural is a sidewalk level mural and is on a smaller scale than a majority of my murals, we continue to receive great feedback from residents and passerby. The mural underlines the difference between much of the street art seen in Venice; work that is created with less regard to site, cultural histories and realities and murals like this one . The majority of the murals and public art I facilitate and help create provide a departure point to examine identity and local culture in a celebratory and inclusive manner. Viva Dogtown!