About the artist

"Compelling," "haunting" and "vibrant" 
are some of the terms used to describe the work of Francisco Letelier

Chilean artist, Francisco Letelier, creates art that crosses disciplines and cultures. His work blends history with contemporary experiences with an emphasis on the social circumstances that affect individuals and communities. Integrating narratives that explore cultural memory and identity, his work offers opportunities for cultural exchange and education.  Known for both his words and images, Letelier’s perceptive writiing and spoken word unite with his legacy of creating powerful visual art. Involved in projects throughout the Americas, Europe, India and the West Bank of Palestine, his inter-disciplinary collaborations integrate a variety of media and facilitate collective and participatory activities.
The artist received a Grammy nomination for his work on musician Jackson Browne’s '
'World in Motion' release. In 2009 Letelier received the LA Artcore award for contributions to Southern California culture. In 2012, SPARC (Social and Public Art Resource Center) awarded him the Siquieros Muralist Award.  In 2016, Letelier’s mural installation, 'Todas Las Manos', at American University in Washington DC was dedicated by Chilean President Michelle Bachelet. 

Based in Venice, California, the artist’s Los Angeles murals include the soaring monumental ceramic tile murals, El Sol and La Luna (The Sun and The Moon) that adorn the Westlake/Macarthur Park Metro Station in Los Angeles.The works carry on the legacy of 
the Chilean mural tradition and serve as a symbol for the diversity of Los Angeles.

Franlete@aol.com 310 403 7747


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