About the artist

"Compelling," "haunting" and "vibrant" 
are some of the terms used to describe the work of Francisco Letelier

Francisco Letelier is an artist and writer born in Chile. He bridges continents, weaving history and contemporary experiences, creating powerful and memorable work. For more than 25 years, Letelier has created art that crosses disciplines and cultures while building connections between nations and individuals. He has been involved in projects throughout the Americas and Europe. Known also for his lectures, spoken word and writing, Letelier has been published in the Los Angeles Times, New York Times, Washington Post and other publications throughout the globe. His inter-disciplinary collaborations with artists and others, integrate a variety of media into his graphics, murals commissioned works and art exhibitions.
Recent projects include the artist indoor murals, "Reflecting the Light" for the
Whole Foods Market in Venice, California and "Venice West" honoring the Venice Beat poets and other aspects of under recognized Venice Beach history at 518 Rose Ave. Letelier's soaring, The Sun and The Moon tile murals, adorn the Westlake/Macarthur Park Metro Station in Los Angeles.

Based in Venice, California, Letelier creates works which
emphasize human and spiritual values

Letelier, a Grammy Nominee in design, recieved the 2009 LA Artcore award for contributions to Southern California culture and the Siqueiros Award from SPARC, the Social and Public Art Resource Center in 2012.

Franlete@aol.com 310 403 7747