Photo Kelly Layne 2016

Guardian Mural Rekindled.

After waiting more than 2 months we finally get word that the Red Cross has signed our contract. Having lots of fun at this great site. All the folks that work on the Avis lot are kind, helpful and supportive even though they have to move cars and watch out for the guy overhead. We are all bilingual and the mural really seems to create bridges of understanding between all of us including customers, pedestrians and the guys that live in the alley.
It has been a remarkable experience; working in the hot sun on a South facing wall, hearing the traffic and occasional beep from friends and passerby.  Lost in a field of orange, I sway in the afternoon deftly controlling a mechanical beast that makes it possible for me to reach new heights.
Thanks to Beautify Earth, Heather Rabun, The Santa Monica Red Cross and all the individuals that made the project possible through their support of out Indiegogo campaign.